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Areas of Practice in Addition to Personal Injury Litigation:

Worker's Injury Claim Form — Workers Compensation Attorney in Savannah, GA
DUI Defense:
Noble L. Boykin, Jr., in addition to personal injury litigation, also routinely handles DUI defense, administrative license suspension hearings and serious traffic charges. Mr. Boykin has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with driving under the influence, including trials before judges and juries, in traffic courts and State Courts of Georgia.

Social Security Disability Claims:
Charles W. Snyder’s practice includes representation of disabled individuals seeking social security disability and filing SSI claims and appeals.

Workers’ Compensation Claims:
Charles W. Snyder, in addition to handling social security disability claims and personal injury claims, also routinely represents persons who have been injured in the workplace. Mr. Snyder, over the years, has successfully represented hundreds of claimants before the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, including appeals to Superior Court and the Court of Appeals of Georgia.

Appearances Before Appeals Courts and Reported Decisions:

Lawyers who currently practice in our firm have been lead counsel in numerous appeals before the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and other appellate courts resulting in numerous reported decisions in the State of Georgia and in the federal courts.